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In Spanish there is a saying that a good business partner is one who fulfills the 3 F's: Franco (honest) - Feurte (strong) and Formal (reliable). We heartily add 3 F's to the list for our partner Elohim: Fast - Flexible and Friendly!,When we began two years ago to work with Elohim it was to some extent a step into the unknown. In the meantime we can report the following: the language training has been tailored to the needs of our company - addressing the professional needs of our personnel and of superior quality. The satisfaction of our people who have taken this language training speaks for itself.,Elohim listens to its clients. Dossiers are closely followed and the price is right! A pleasant business relationship!,Our company works several years with Elohim to our benefit. For every possible language training requirement Elohim offers the solution: practical and straightforward and above all efficient and cost-effective!

HR Manager BMW Belgium